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Space Coast Discovery Map


Discovery Map® franchisees create a thriving connection between businesses, locals, and visitors.

By offering advertising space on their hand-drawn, user-friendly maps, they provide businesses with a targeted platform to showcase their products and services to a wide audience.

These maps act as essential guides for tourists navigating unfamiliar territories, helping them discover hidden must-visit spots. As the maps are free of charge, millions are picked up annually by travelers seeking to explore and experience the best each location has to offer.

This creates a win-win scenario where businesses gain valuable exposure and visitors gain access to curated recommendations and fostering a strong local economy.


Discovery Map® is renowned for intuitive and informative way-finding maps, both in print and digital formats.

The maps have become indispensable companions for countless visitors exploring new destinations.

By making these fun and functional maps available free of charge to visitors, as a franchisee, you become a well known and valued partner in both your business community and to travelers.



Discovery Map® has been publishing maps for 50 years!

Along the way, we have honed our expertise in crafting engaging maps, securing advertising partnerships, and establishing efficient economies of scale.

With our comprehensive training and support, we provide you with a head-start on your road toward a successful franchise. Backed by Discovery Map’s® training and support, you can become an authority on advertising and marketing among the business community in your city or town.

Modest Initial Investment

The initial investment needed to launch a Discovery Map® franchise falls within the lowest 20% of Franchise Business Review's award-winning franchise opportunities.

The affordability of the investment, combined with your dedication and hard work, presents a unique opportunity to build a valuable asset with tangible returns.



Owning a Discovery Map® franchise offers a unique opportunity to live and work in the destinations most people only dream of visiting.

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional office life, including rigid schedules, confined cubicles, and draining commutes. As your own boss, you have the freedom to create your own schedule, allowing for a healthier work-life balance.

With a Discovery Map® franchise, you can prioritize spending quality time with family and pursuing personal passions, all while building a fulfilling and rewarding business in an idyllic location.

A Discovery Map® Franchise Offers: 

  • Low start-up costs
  • Work from home
  • Flexible hours
  • More time for travel and hobbies
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Discovery Map® named one of the top 10 franchises to buy with an initial investment under $150,000 by Forbes.

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