Franchise Investment

"When we first relocated to the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina, the first thing we picked up as a resource to use was a Discovery Map. Who knew just several years later we would own not only our local Asheville map, but several other franchise cities as well! Discovery Map affords us the opportunity to employ our son while he is a full time college student, work flexible hours avoiding the hassles of a retail environment, and meet great business owners in the communities that we service. Every time we see someone walking around town carrying one of our maps, it reinforces the fact that the maps work and are here to stay, and that we made a great decision to be part of the Discovery Map family."

— Lars & Darlene Wiren
Discovery Map Franchisee


The Investment

When you invest in a Discovery Map® franchise, you are investing in a lifestyle business that offers flexibility to align with your personal and professional goals. A single map territory is essentially a part-time opportunity, requiring active work for about four months of the year. The remaining time is spent building relationships with advertisers and ensuring robust distribution of the map.

The initial franchise fee of $25,000, due at the time of signing, grants you a license to operate a franchised business for 10 years, with two 5-year renewal options. This fee includes access to the Discovery Map® brand, trade dress, sales training, sales collateral, and ongoing support.

Your total initial investment, including the initial franchise fee and other startup costs, typically ranges from $31,550-$38,800.

Significant annually recurring expenses to be aware of, separate from the initial investment include:

  • Print costs
  • 10% Royalty on gross sales
  • Sales costs (such as your time, travel and fuel)
  • Map and ad production costs
  • Discovery Map® Publication fee

Why Invest in the Franchise?

  • 40 Years of Industry Experience: Benefit from four decades of expertise in the illustrated tourist map industry, with established relationships with print vendors, ad designers, and illustrators.
  • Recognized Brand: Join a reputable brand with 130 maps in publication across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.
  • Economies of Scale: Leverage the print buying power of nearly 20 million copies per year system-wide.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilize a purpose-built content management system that streamlines map production and digital publication.
  • Proven Business Model: Engage in a fun, friendly, and proven business model with the flexibility to manage one or more maps, allowing you to tailor your investment to your ambitions.

Investing in a Discovery Map® franchise means becoming part of a supportive community that values local businesses and enhances visitor experiences, all while offering you the flexibility to achieve your personal and financial goals.

Making a Living by Making a Difference

Local businesses are the backbone of the American economy. When you support these businesses, you are helping to sustain and grow the local economy, which in turn benefits everyone in the community.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small, local businesses generate 64% of all U.S. jobs and account for 44% of U.S. economic activity. By promoting local enterprises, you are directly supporting the economy and creating job opportunities within your community.

Furthermore, small, local businesses employ more diverse workforces than the national average. This diversity fosters a more inclusive workplace environment and promotes equity within the community. Supporting local businesses supports workforce diversity and equity.

Home-based businesses are easier to launch and more sustainable, with 70% still operating after three years, compared to less than 40% for businesses with a separate brick-and-mortar location. Home-based franchisees benefit from lower overhead costs, saving on expenses such as construction, rent, utility bills, fuel costs, and property taxes. This cost efficiency allows entrepreneurs to reinvest more into their business, driving growth and sustainability.

Investing in a Discovery Map® franchise means making a living by making a difference. By supporting local businesses, you contribute to economic growth, workforce diversity, and community development. Your success as a franchisee is intertwined with the prosperity of the businesses you promote, creating a virtuous cycle that benefits all. Embrace the opportunity to make a positive impact while achieving your own entrepreneurial goals.


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