Franchise Expertise

"I'm 7 months into my venture with Discovery Map (3 months into sales) and I have to tell you that your team is great. I am really impressed/excited/motivated by the culture of the company, and I absolutely love the support network that you all have provided to me (and, I'm sure, to all your other franchisees). I sincerely feel like the staff cares about my success from a personal standpoint and they email or call frequently to check on me and offer help."

– Jeff S.
Albuquerque & Santa Fe Maps


Support from Discovery Map International

One of the main reasons people consider purchasing a franchise is that they see the value in an established and proven business model. Discovery Map® has been showcasing communities and their local businesses through fun creative hand-illustrated maps for over 40 years. We understand the challenges and potential pitfalls. We’ve made some mistakes along the way so with our advice, you won’t have to!

At Discovery Map International, we’ll teach you our business system, and work with you to sharpen your sales skills. Our comprehensive training program will enable you to present Discovery Map as an effective marketing tool for local businesses. In two days of classroom instruction at our corporate headquarters in Waitsfield, VT, along with video conference training, we will teach you everything we’ve learned about this business, including:

  • Best business practices
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing strategies
  • Learning and understanding effective sales
  • Managing the operations of your business
  • Publishing and production overview

Discovery Map will provide ongoing operational support and training for as long as you own your business. Our relationship with you is simple. You build local business relationships, sell the ads and distribute your products, while Discovery Map International provides you with the resources and support to make your business successful.

A Successful Franchisee

  • Ambitious
  • Self-motivated
  • Outgoing personality
  • Good listening/interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of territory/community
  • Detail oriented
  • Good problem solver, perseverance
  • Adequately capitalized

We perform Caliper testing for both parties to review and discuss strong and weak points to maximize potential.

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